Countdown to Christmas 67 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 67 Days and Counting


Well, most holidays revolve around togetherness with those we love and we spend time making memories. If this is you I hope that you realize just how blessed you are maybe it’s time to thank of ways to bless others.


For ways to help other in your community through coupoing check out our couponing for charity page. Maybe you can brain storm with your family about ways you can serve other as a family.

Just some ideas serve at a homeless shelter, food bank or animal shelter. Save some of that Christmas change to buy toys to donate to your local Toys for Tots drive. Make lunches and hand them out to those in need during the holiday shopping season we’ve all seen the homeless at the entrance and exits of most parking lots of shopping centers and malls. A great idea would be to purchase a McDonald coupon book they have several free coupons in them as well they are now on sale at your local McDonald for more details click here.  


Whatever your family decides to do to help others this holiday season I hope you all take the time to realize just how blessed you are to have one another and that it’s not about the gifts you give or receive but the gift that was given to us in the birth of Christ.

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