Countdown to Christmas 7 4 days and counting

Countdown to Christmas 7 4 days and counting


Now that you have your shopping list, it’s time to begin your hunt for coupons. Where to begin well if you’ve begun your coupon binder start there look through what you have and set those aside make a list of what you have how many you have and of course the value of each coupon.



Coupons                  Brand                                     Value                                               Need

     1                         Walton’s pecans                              $0.75/1 (15 oz. bag or larger)         3


This will tell you that you must search your local paper, our home page at , look directly on to the company’s website, this one allows you to print out just one coupon off their site a month another option would be to email the company requesting a savings coupon. 


For samples of an email to companies check out our download page  For a list of companies most associated with the holiday season visit our download page.


If you haven’t started one yet begin a coupon swap group with your friends and family this way you can purchase together or separately, but either way you get the coupons you need they  get the coupons they need it’s a great deal for everyone.


When it comes to baking you may want to have a baking swap. Your coupon group is the perfect group to start with. Compare needs after swapping coupons, then have a cookie swap party,  each person bakes two items 2-4 dozens each and each person goes home with a dozen of each of the others bake goods this cuts down on cost and time.


We have discussed a Sam’s club membership you may also want to join with a friend or two to buy the club card usually $25-$35 and up to two people can use these card. This will help a great deal with baking supplies and if you’re not one for homemade bake goods as a gift Sam’s club stocks great holiday gift stacks that can be separated for multiple gift giving.


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