Countdown to Christmas 71 days and counting

Countdown to Christmas 71 days and counting

If you haven’t started one yet begin a coupon swap group with your friends and family this way you can purchase together or separately, but either way you get the coupons you need they  get the coupons they need it’s a great deal for everyone.


When it comes to baking you may want to have a baking swap.  A coupon group is the perfect group to start with. Compare needs after swapping coupons, and then have a cookie swap party schedule one in advance so everyone has something to take to upcoming parties.


For free invitations you can print out or email visit our freebie page and click the link to Smile Box down load the free software and you’re on your way to a great party.

It’s simple each person bakes two items 2-4 dozens each and each person goes home with a dozen of each of the others bake goods this cuts down on cost and time.


Check out our daily values page for baking supplies fromhouse wares these would be great in a gift basket or for your own use.


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