Countdown to Christmas 79 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 79 days and counting

A couponer’s mantra should always be plan ahead. As with our monthly meals and shopping trips July is the month to start planning for the Holiday season wither you celebrate Hanukah, Kwanzaor Christmas this is the month to prepare.  If you have been in any store lately, you can see that they are a bit confused it seems half the seasonal aisle is set for Halloween and the other is set for Christmas. Wow, it’s only October 5th and we’ve seemed to jump over Thanksgiving. Well for me it just seems that we need to slow down and take the opportunity to review our steps for the holiday season. 

Step  1 put a saving plan in action. Decide how you want to begin saving do you want to save $20.00, $50.00 or even $100.00 out of each weekly pay check towards your holiday this type of savings can add up quickly so before you know it your holiday cash is keeping you from getting a post holiday credit card crash. Even if you simply decide that you and your family will simply throw your change in a jar, when it fills deposit in to your savings account you will be surprised with how fast change can add up. If you decide to use Coin Star, you can forego the fee if you chose an Amazon gift card at  as your form of payment.

 In addition, schedule when you will begin you’re shopping if you are an online shopper plan to start shopping this weekend to take advantage of Columbus day sales and end the second weekend of December for regular on time deliveries. Yes, there are those overnight express shipping available, but if you fall victim to this you are not really saving. So plan to deposit your savings on a Friday or Saturday this way you can take advantage of the online savings Remember that we have daily value, at  savings that we will have, I have done and will continue to do my best to find the most valuable, and diverse sales I can.  If at any time, you have information on sales you would like to share with your fellow savers please comment and give your tips and savings.

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