Countdown to Swimsuit Season..Will you be Ready?

Hello Mamas, It's that time of year when Sports Illustrated launches there yearly swimsuit issue, on Valentine's Day no less! After our significant others put there eyes back into their heads and stop giggling, talking, texting, emailing etc. their friends they remember us. lol!   I don't buy the issue but do peak online at the girls.  They are young, beautiful and have great genes.  I'm sure they exercise because its their job to be fit as swimsuit models but lets face it Mamas they are in their early twenties. This years cover girl is only 19.  Breathing a sigh of relief the pressure to look like them is off because whether I like it or not I have 20 years on them. I had my time prancing around on the beach in my fake leather bikini, Christina even has a picture somewhere to prove it.  Beautiful and fit looks a little different at ahem almost 40 but not by much when you work hard at it. Lucky for us now more than ever the inspiration to work out, eat right etc. is so easy to come across. Everyday I see a motivational quote on Facebook, Twitter , tumblr and now Pinterest. If you haven't joined a gym yet, DO IT! If you haven't ending that bad relationship yet, DO IT! If you haven't gone after that one thing you have been dreaming of, DO IT!  If you only knew the struggles that Christina, Kate and I go through daily you would be amazed, some days its hard to take one step, other days we say to ourselves, DO IT! There is so much positive inspiration out there through social media, use it to become educated, motivated and make your dreams happen! A year from now you will wish you had started today! xo Kimberly

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