Countdownt to Christmas 7 days and Counting: Just remember what Christmas is about

Countdown to Christmas 7 days and counting

One week to go so I’m sure the stress hasn’t hit you yet, or I hope not. If you’ve noticed I believe in planning ahead so that when events like this happen I feel stress free. If you still have some items to check off your to-do-list just relax and know that since Christmas lands on a Tuesday you have some time and prime shopping weekend just plan ahead and remember today is free shipping on line day so you save on that shipping cost and are guaranteed to receive it before Christmas. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s time to check those banking hours if you’re traveling for your Christmas vacation you should always have emergency cash on hand. So check your bank hours and avoid ATM fees by withdrawing cash this week. Most banks will be open December 24, but only until Noon or 1:00pm at the latest and that is bound to be a busy banking day so try to go before this weekend to avoid any long lines.  Please try and remember even if you don’t check off everything on your list just remember that the things on our list isn’t what we are celebrating it’s the birth of Christ. Just as a reminder you may want to check out this article on Teenink written by my daughter it made editors choice and yes I’m very proud it’s title is ““Christmas is in danger!” said every Christmas movie ever “


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