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As much as I complain during the school year about school lunches, driving kids back and forth to school, after school clubs and concerts... I CANNOT WAIT for school to start again.

I know, I'm such a contradiction.

I really do hate all of those things but what I love is a good schedule. Without a schedule I'm doomed, doomed I say. (Was that a wee bit melodramatic or what?) It isn't the kids who are driving me nuts... it's the freedom. I need schedules.

I like knowing exactly what time I need to get up in order to have an hour of quiet work time before the kids start moving toward the showers. In the summer, I never know when someone is going to wake up. It could be early, it could be late, it could be not until the kid is dragged from his bed.

The drive across town, to the kids' schools is a pain, but I enjoy it because we read the paper together or listen to oldies or find ourselves discussing things we never expected to discuss. In the summer, everyone is off doing their own things and we don't always have that forced together time. With teens, sometimes that's the only time you can get them to talk with more than a grunt or two.

I like the set dinner times during the school year. I like the set bedtime. In the summer, everything is looser and easier and it drives me nuts.

Here are some moms who are starting to think about back to school... and they don't all agree with me. Who knew?

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  • Less than 3 weeks 'til school starts
  • How many more days 'til school starts? Are you looking forward to it, like I am?

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