A Couple of Confessions

I have a couple of confessions to make.

#1. I am moving my blog from blogher to blogspot.

I love the blogher community but I am drawn to blogspot for the amount of control you have over the appearance of your blog. I hope you will follow me there at http://averyblessedmommy.blogspot.com/

#2. The names I've been using on this blog are NOT our real names.

I decided on assumed names to protect the identity of my children. When I really thought about it this seems crazy because I have a facebook with their names, pictures, and embarrassing stories already. In my blogspot posts I use their actual names and even have pictures. Like I said, it's a much prettier blog.

Anyway, I hope you will continue to read my posts over there. I subscribe to many rss feeds and read blogs from different sites. It's an easy way to keep up with all the blogs that interest me. So subscribe to my rss feed, follow me, stop by and visit.....I will miss you if you don't!

Have a blessed week!!!

Blessed Mommy

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