Couple of Things

1. So March in South Carolina is officially kind of amazing. It's 83 degrees out today, there's a good breeze. I've already taken a walk around the apartment complex in the sun. It's actually conceivable I may get a tan this year... or at least become a color that is not similar to fresh paper.

This is great for me, but terrible for everyone I know who has allergies. All I can do is make sympathetic faces, really. I'm not saying I won't develop allergies later, but for the moment, I can roll around in hay and flower petals all I want. I'm taking advantage of that.

Uhm. Not by actually rolling around in hay or flower petals, though.

2. My mother-in-law's surgery was yesterday. Jason's aunt Gena was there, as well as his dad, and they kept Jason and I up to date on everything that was going on. Everything seems to have gone fairly well, Robin is in a hospital room recovering, so cross your fingers for the quickest recovery possible for us, okay?

One of my friends just got his wisdom teeth out; he's a little older than I am. He seems to be sleeping away the days just like anyone recovering from this kind of thing should. I have some pretty terrible memories of the actual act of getting my own wisdom teeth out, so I am no help in matters like these. All I can say is, "Well... milkshakes are awesome, and you can have all you want!"

And then everyone stares at me.

And I go back to my coffee.
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