Coupon frenzy? Let this lady do all the work for you....

Ok so my next tip is regarding couponing! I have found an amazing site and it has been a huge lifesaver. She does everything for me except print or cut out the coupons. Every Sunday after I gather my paper coupons I go to her site. She has everything sorted by store! I grab the stores weekly ad and see what she has to say. She tells you what good deals are at each store and where to get the coupon....even past coupons. She cuts out all of the hard work. I put each stores coupons into their own envelope with that stores list. All I have to do when I go to the store is grab my wallet and the store envelope. No rummaging through fifty coupons and wondering if walmarts deal is better than Kroger. I get most of my coupons from red plum, Sunday paper, target website, Kroger website (you can electronically upload their coupons to your rewards card), all you magazine website and some stores I frequent have coupons and stands by the carts. I know a lot of us are pressed for time but I am telling you just check in with Krazy coupon lady and you will see just how much time she saves! Always check your stores coupon policy sometimes they make changes. Walmart still price matches! None of the stores in my area let you double or triple coupons (that's how those lucky tv people get such big savings.....and I still have yet to find a coupon that allows you to use a coupon for trial sizes). My target does allow a target store coupon and a manufacturer. But it is good to check every now and then because recently walmart made a change to their policy and if your coupon amount is more than the item you can either get cash back or have them put the credit towards your other purchases. Good to know! Dollar tree excepts coupons but note two coupons per transaction. They have no return policy. They are strict regarding buy one get one free coupons. If you are more into Facebook check out and follow Fabulously Frugal. She has links everyday for great deals. She has a lot of amazon and online shopping deals. Occasionally she will post a coupon link. The other day she has a great link showing how she got Big bags of m&m candies for 9 cents each. She combined her manufacturer coupon with target store coupon. It was buy one get one free for the candies and she used them on the valentines versions on sale after the holiday. Follow these great sites and your savings should start to add up!


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