Coupon Insanity!

My mind has absolutely been blown away! I am sitting here watching “Extreme Couponing” on TLC with my mouth wide open.  These women (and a few men) dedicate their lives… I’m not exaggerating… to collecting coupons and spending close to nothing at the grocery store.  I watched one lady spend 1 cent for $600 worth of food! Are. You. Kidding. Me!

So, as I’m watching, I’m online searching the web for those special couponing sites that help you build a strategy when going to the grocery store. My head is already spinning. You have to clip coupons for weeks and months, study the sale cycle of certain products to maximize your coupons, visit various stores to take advantage of coupon doubling, know the coupon restrictions at each store, sign up for about a dozen sites to get coupon sales alerts, have an exceptionally organized coupon filing system and the instructional list goes on and on.

I would literally have to quit my job, stay glued to the computer, and get the hubby involved in the journey to the grocery store because sometimes there is a per person restriction on coupons. The hubby going grocery shopping with me…yeah right! He already hates that I organize my cart my container type, what makes me thinks he’s going help me with this crazy coupon shopping list?

And forget about picking up items on a whim. There is actual planning you HAVE to stick to or you go over your 1 penny budget. So, you have to create a stockpile of items in your home. If the couponing sale cycle this week is only for toiletry items, those are the items you must buy. You may be able to get meats the next week based on the coupons and sales of each individual store and then get snacks or produce the following week. This means that you must go through about ­3-4 weeks of crazy items in your cabinets. After about 6 months, you will build a stockpile of items that may look like the shelves at a grocery store.  One guy on the show had, among other things, 1000 boxes of toothpaste in his stockpile that he paid $0 for (he spends 15 hours a week on his couponing strategy). One lady had, among other things, $1100 worth of laundry detergent that she paid $0 for. I have a headache. This is insane, but I want to learn!

Do I have the time to obsess over a couponing sales cycle strategy? Is the savings worth the craziness? I just might try. Times are hard and money is super super tight. I thought I was doing good with my Wal-Mart price matching. Just this Sunday, I bought 10 mangoes for $2! I got 3 pounds of tomatoes for $1! That was good right? Apparently not.

These people on this show should give a class on couponing. If you know anything about couponing and you’re as good as these guys on this show, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I need your help!

In the meantime, I’ll stick to my price-matching and try to figure out this whole couponing thing…God willing!

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