Coupon Withdrawal

Last week there were no coupons in the Sunday paper because of the holiday.  Today I am in total withdrawal and I'm ready tomorrow!

How pathetic is that?

I have cleaned out my binder, cleared out the expired coupons, and made it look nice and pretty for a whole new batch of coupons for tomorrow.   I can't wait to drive around to family members houses who save their coupons for me, divide them all up page by page, clip them out and file them away.  I'm ready for a good deal.

I just wish I had more stockpile room. I've been looking around my house to see where there might be nooks and crannies I can tuck supplies in. 

I recently went to a disaster preparedness meeting at my local fire department.  FEMA is offering neighborhood disaster preparedness through a program called "Map your Neighborhood".   What's a disaster?  When your local police and fire department are so overwhelmed they cannot assist you or your  neighbors in a timely manner.  I learned a lot, but I also really saw the value of stockpiling.  Having enough food, toilet paper, bandaids, water, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and other items on hand can make or break a family in a crisis.  I also became very aware of how unprepared we are.  I'm hoping this summer to have a neighborhood meeting where I meet all of my neighbors and share information so that if something DOES happen, we're all a bit more ready for it.

I went to the store and purchased L-brackets to secure all of my bookcases to the wall.  I'm trying to make some sort of bungee type brace that I can install to each shelf to minimize things falling out of the bookshelves in case of an earthquake.

I don't know...something is telling me to prepare.  



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