Couponing Because Saving Matters

Is couponing worth your time or is it so last year? So many people think because of some shows that aired in the past two years that couponing is some kind of fad. It’s been going on for so many years our grandparents did it and now we can do it to save money too. I know sometimes you can save under $10.00 at checkout other times $100 or more even if it’s just a $1.00 that means something to me. I’ve never heard of any one turning down a $1.00 and to me that‘s what coupons represent I pay my grocery bill in coupons like other pay in credit cards only mine doesn’t charge interest. 

Even if you are not in debt you can still take advantage of coupons because everyone needs a savings reserve you never know especially in this economy when your situation can change.  Last year my husband and I set out a plan to purchase a used car and to pay cash so we didn’t have a monthly payment and we accomplished that goal couponing helped to make that happen.  Each year we set a savings goal when you set one you it always makes those days easier when you’re clipping coupons or eating at home instead of eating out when you set a goal and meet it you know it’s all worth it.

Just as an experiment if you’re not sure if it’s worth it go shopping and of course use coupons when you can but before handing over those coupons listen to your before total and when you pass those over pay attention to your final total. Use your calendar to write down your receipt total before and after your coupons do this for a week or two and then total and you will get what you would have paid verses what you did pay and trust me you will know for sure it’s all worth gathering coupons and matching them up.  For more tips or for your coupon matchups visit

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