Courage to Name Yourself

I think I've recommended Vitamin D supplements to nearly everyone I know. We're all down in the dumps, struggling creatively, struggling to affirm ourselves as valuable individuals worthy of notice. I keep saying "take Vitamin D!" because it helped me out so much last winter when I was struggling, and as indoor denizens we're usually short of that vitamin anyway, so it can't hurt.*

The common thread I'm finding among my friends (and if I'm honest, me too) is we all want to be something, but we aren't really sure if we are a thing. Writing, sewing, photography, music... these are all skills/pastimes/careers where it's very clear if you can do it or not, but there's also so many shades of skill that whether you have arrived or not is a bit harder to determine.

I saw a question posed earlier today about all of us who say we want to write, or aspire to own that title of writer... well, if you are writing consistently, aren't you a writer? What is the make or break of being a wordsmith or not? I can sew, I do sew, am I not a seamstress? And I take photos... I don't have all the skills I would like, true, but what determines my right to the hallowed appellation of "photographer?"

I am beginning to think that it is nothing but what you have courage to lay claim to.

What about you? What are you beyond mother or father or wife or husband? Are you what you want to be?

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

*I am not a doctor. I highly recommend doing some research on Vitamin D or talking to your doctor before deciding on a prefered dose.

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