Courageous Leadership At Its Finest

Do you consider yourself an early adopter?  A progressive innovator who likes to champion the latest electronic devises or software implementation into your organization? Well here is the ultimate leadership question for you.

Are you courageous enough to distribute your leadership, your authority and power and give your employees full autonomy in their roles to dynamically steer towards your company's vision to maximize creativity, value and profit?

Hear how an early adopter did just that by implementing an Operating and Governance System called Holacracy into their organization:

By implementing Holacracy at Colman Knight, and creating clarity in our roles and accountabilities the following has manifested: decreased confusion about who is doing what, deepened commitment to the Colman Knight AIM, increased efficiency in meetings, enlivened working environment and opened space to create process flows reflecting integration of various roles.

Gayle Colman – Co Founder of Colman Knight, Integral Wealth Advisory Services

If this blog has sparked your curiosity and you want to learn more about Holacracy’s Operating System & Governance Structure, click on WonderWorks Consulting's website link It takes courage to be an early adopter and trendsetter, are you?



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