Cover New Land

I sit and watch people from near and afar. I listen to the stories of their lives and the things they have seen and heard. There are some people who are born in one city, raised in that same city, and never venture away from that city. I honestly think it is sad. How could you be given a whole world to explore and not take advantage of it?

There are old people who have never traveled anywhere outside of their hometown and are completely content with that. They have seen the same faces for many years and never had the pleasure of getting to experience what it is like to mingle amongst people “not like them”.

The world is too big and too culturally-diverse to just be satisfied in one small area of it. There are too many opportunities left untouched and lands not seen to never leave the area you are comfortable in.

So much more can be discovered if you would just step outside of your box. If you would step outside the box, you can examine what’s not known to you. You may find you actually like your foot outside of that which is familiar to you. Change can be good. Change the way you think. Change the way you see life...your life.

You can see so much more and do so much more if you would expand your vision. See yourself traveling in new lands, meeting new and wonderful people. Then, go forth and do all kind of things you never even thought were possible.

You may not be able to go oversees, but you can definitely find some places to journey to within your limits.

Time is ticking away. You have some travel arrangements to be making.

Go forth and cover some lands.

Ayana Elon

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