The Cover of O Magazine # 1

elizabeth: So we have not lost our minds (you can’t lose what you don’t have), but on Monday I saw Ellen Degeneres on Oprah and she got herself on the cover of O.  And Ellen is blond, very funny and married to the very beautiful Portia De Rossi. I am blond, people say I make them chuckle and my wife has a beard and goes by the name of Walter. Okay he’s not really my wife, but I think Ellen and my life have so many parallels that if Oprah let Ellen be on the cover of O, then why not us? Laurie will sit quietly for photos and she is very photogenic and I try not to become bitter about that. I just hope my head won’t explode.

 And while we are at it, I could use a wife.

 Laurie: I could use a wife too.  But more than that, I’d like a guaranteed ticket to fame and fortune.  Oprah, can ya hear me?  We know you have your very own life coach in your glorious (and way too heavy) magazine, but do you have a pair that are witty, edgy, and more than willing to pretend they are married to win your favor?  I think not – Coaches on the Edge is one of a kind (or in this case – two of a kind).  Anoint us with your blessings by putting us on your cover, and we will play among the stars forever more.

elizabeth & Laurie: We believe that Coaches on the Edge needs to be on the cover of Oprah’s magazine. But we won’t get there without your help. You need to see our heavily airbrushed mugs on the cover of O. You just didn’t realize it until now.

In the coming weeks, we will let you know how to make this a reality for two little girls who have a dream.





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