Cover Your Body in Flowers! 5 Great Floral Dresses


5 Floral Dresses

This past weekend, I rocked a super cute H&M floral dress to my girlfriend's brunch, and felt like the ultimate lady. Since then, I have been on alert for really great floral numbers. I'm guessing Miss Selfridge read my mind, because all my picks came from there! Check out my top five floral dresses for summer:

1. HummingBird Print Dress

Hummingbird Print Bodycon Floral Dress

2. Floral Double Layer Maxi Dress

Floral Double Layer MaxiDress

3. Floral Halter Neck Dress

Floral Halter Neck dress

4. Blue Floral Fit and Flare Dress

Blue Floral Fit and Flare Dress

5.Blue Smudgy Floral Bodycon Dress

Blue Smudgy Floral Bodycon Dress

Which is your fav?    

xoxo- Tallglassofstyle