Tips for an Enchanted Evening

It’s date night! You know that magical night where you and your significant other (or love interest) go out to have an enchanted evening? Sometimes it’s dinner and a movie, a concert, a friend’s house. As you can imagine, this look can go for a variety of occasions....more

Dump those Sweats and Slap On Some Make Up

The holidays are quickly upon us, and chances are, you'll be invited to at least one gala this season. What will you do when you're expected to dump those sweats and slap on some makeup? Better take inventory, fast....more

Guide to Looking Like a Million Bucks

So, most of us won't be strutting the red carpet alongside Ryan Seacrest and his fab coif, playing the "which-ex-is-the-song-about" guessing game with our favorite country glam star T.Swift. We may not even be on the A list (or B, or C list for that matter) of Vanity Fair's hot soirees, but even us mere muggles have events we want to raise the va-va-voom factor for. (Think office parties with cuties from the East Coast office....more

5 Tips to Looking Pretty in the Kitchen

This time of year is when I do the most entertaining. First there’s Thanksgiving dinner to host, then comes the marathon Christmas baking parties and last it’s planning a festive New Years shindig. This means that I not only have to cook my best but I also have to look my best!Here are my 5 simple tips to looking pretty in the kitchen!...more