Coveting My Daughter's Bed

I have a confession.  I want my daughter's bed.  All to myself.  She's almost four.  Six months ago, we moved her from a toddler bed to a brand new big-girl twin bed with a wonderful pillow top mattress.   I love that mattress, and I now spend my time imagining ways I can sleep in it, all alone.  


Our queen size bed is small, and some nights, very small, depending on who, or what decides to join us.  The mattress is over ten years old and it wasn't a nice mattress when it was new.  On a good night, my husband and the cat are bed hogs, leaving me squished to a third of the bed.  Most nights, one of the kids joins us after a nightmare, and my portion of the bed shrinks.


I used to hate the sound of one of my two older girls waking, because it meant I would not be sleeping well, for fear of falling out of the bed, or I was headed to the couch.  Now, I get excited, especially if it's my almost four year old who comes in first.  Almost always, her waking wakes her sister who shares the room, and she joins us, too.  How I used to hate that.  Four people, and at least one cat, in one queen size bed.


Now, I feign annoyance while pulling them up, and roll over, pretending to sleep.  Once they are asleep, I get up, grab the baby monitor, and head into their room.  Some nights, I don't even wait for them to fall asleep.  I mutter something about needing to use the bathroom, and head down the hallway, closing the door quietly behind me so no one wakes.  I move the three hundred dolls my daughter sleeps with, and lay down on the plush pillow top, snuggling deep under the covers, luxuriously stretching my legs their full length.  


I sleep so soundly and awake refreshed.  My husband, on the other hand, wakes grumpily.  My daughters inherited their father's bed hogging skills.  Two of them in the bed with him means he sleeps wadded up in a ball on the edge of the bed, usually without covers.  I see his jealous looks when he realizes I slept all alone, no kids, no pets, no spouses, on the wonder bed.  I ignore them, while I secretly hope for the next time I get that bed all to myself.


Anyone else want something of their children's?  Do you use it secretly when no one is watching? 



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