A Cozy Nightgown...


Wow, it seems like all I've been doing over here is sewing up never ending things for Violet!  Well, it was her birthday...And, she really does love and appreciate some mama mades...so why not give her what she likes, right?!

This is the fourth time  I've made this pattern, which was one of my first ever pattern purchases.  I've made it as a nightgown two times before (here and here), but the very first time (some pictures here) I made it was for Violet's second birthday (she is still wearing this as a tunic!). 

Every time I make this dress I remember the first time I made it.  I remember sitting at my sewing desk, nearly 7 months pregnant and crying.  Crying because I just couldn't get my elastic fed through it's casing, the safety pin kept getting hung up!  Argh, I was so frustrated!  And, little Violet, just shy of two, came over and put her hand on my leg and said "Don't cry mommy, it's okay."  Oh my, that was all the help I needed.  So sweet!  Just after that it worked, I finally got my safety pin and elastic through the casing and had a beautiful second birthday dress!

This year Violet actually requested a new nightgown, although I almost didn't come through for her...She wanted it to be longer and flannel.  IMG_0185
I was almost thinking that I'd just forget about it, until I read this post, and thought, that I just need to make time for a new nightgown. 

So, the night before her birthday I worked on her new nightgown.  I  made it a bit narrower and longer than the pattern calls for.  I made the neck with both elastic casing and some elastic thread at the top to add a bit of ruffle...I made the sleeves with elastic thread as well.  I have been informed that the sleeves could have been longer.  True, sorry.  IMG_0178
I added a little ruffle at the bottom, which Violet absolutely adores!  IMG_0168

In fact, she adores the whole thing!  As soon as she opened it she was ready to rush to bed so that she could wear it.  IMG_0188
It's been warn virtually every other night since she got it.  It is warm and snuggly and lovely.  And, she is warm and snuggly and lovely to cuddle with in it.  Oh, and a serious goofball!


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