Craft with Kids: Big Numbers for a Big Birthday

70 mantel copy

Grammy had an important birthday yesterday. Instead of a store-bought card we decided to supersize some cardboard numbers. The kids had a blast decorating them and surprising Grammy. Annabel drew a bee, some flowers and an upside down platypus. She also drew Grammy a breakfast of eggs and toast on a piece of paper and served it. 

70 cut out

Step 1: Draw your numbers (I drew them freehand) on a large piece of cardboard. Cut them out with a box cutter or carefully with scissors.

Step 2: Place the numbers face down on a large piece of paper (I used paper from the roll on the kids' art easel). Trace the numbers, and cut them out about an inch outside the line you just traced. 

70 back

Step 3: Tape the numbers to the paper with a few small pieces of tape to keep them in place. Clip along the curves as you would with fabric, every 3/4 to 1". Fold the paper over onto the back and tape down. If you'd like to cover the back, simply cut two additional number shapes out of paper slightly smaller than the actual numbers and adhere with double-sided tape or glue. 

New 70

Step 3: Decorate the front and write your message on the back! We built little bases out of Legos so the numbers would stand on their own. The animals and riders soon joined the party.

This craft could also be done with fabric instead of paper for a fun party decoration. 

I tried to take a picture of the kids holding the numbers, but they were too excited to sit still. :)

xo Karin


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