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I always bite off more resolutions than I can ever metaphorically chew.  The optimist in me says this is a good thing that it keeps me on my toes and always aiming high.  The pessimist in me says I am just destined for failure.  One resolution that I made last year and stuck with was to take a new class every month.  I learned everything from how to flood cookies with royal icing to pole dancing.  Each month was a new adventure and often times my friends joined in the fun.  This year I have the same goal, but I’m hoping to also take advantage of cheaper ways of learning – AKA the internet and friends.  Lucky for me BlogHer has a few things from my list to help me become the crafty Jill of all trades I aspire to be.




Credit:  Grow Creative


This year another goal is to try more art as opposed to crafting.  I want to try working with acrylics, pastels and watercolors.  My goal is not to be amazing at it, but to just become familiar with the mediums and techniques for working with them.  Last year I took two BYOB painting classes with my girlfriends.  Worth every penny and tons of fun.  This year I’m thinking of checking one of these goals off the list online.  Lucky for me I noticed that  Elise from Grow Creative is doing a series on learning to use watercolor.  I am even more inspired to get this watercolor party started.

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