Crafting and Gardening Goals: Looking Back and Forward

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I've spent the last week alternating between looking backward at '09 searching for the highlights of this year and trying to look forward searching out events to anticipate.  It's an exercise as symbolic as switching to a new calendar instead of simply flipping over a page. 

What did I find?

A year ago I advocated that instead of making resolutions - that often sound like punishments- we use vision boards to paint a picture of our future.  Later last January, I made my own -in an afternoon where I let the future guide my hand.

CPSAI- The 2008 Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act- was postponed for one year to work out details for the small home-based business person.  That act is now is now effect.  Given that ETSY is one website where these requirements hit hard - there is an active forum filled with worthwhile information.  Among the posts, myblessedbaby wrote EVERYTHING you need to know about the CPSIA:

If you make any product intended for children ages 12 and under, you need to read this thread. In it you will find important links to give you information straight from the source, the CPSC.

Stash Busting- the monthly challenge- came to BlogHer.  How did you do in attempts to ReCycle, ReUse and RePurpose your stash?

With the White House building and planting a vegetable garden with much hoopla, Victory Gardens rose in popularity again.  Then, with unusual weather and all "big box" stores buying their supplies from one company, eastern United States experienced the terribly late blight destroying crops over miles.

Spring arrived and crafting moved outdoors with MakerFaire, Quilt Shows, and Craft Fairs.  I made it to the bay area MakerFaire, several Oakland-based craft shows, and even modeled at the PIQF fashion show.  How many similar events did you attend?

August we found our Zen by Hand-sewing, and September was Sewing Month.

In the fall, crafters fell in love with the creative challenge of BlogHer's own Kelly Wickham's plan for The Small Purse Project.  We also talked about how stretching can prevent repetitive injury while putting gift-giving crafting into overdrive. Then the holiday gifts and decorating madness took over.

Whew! In retrospect it really was quite a year.

And what will 2010 bring?  I'm really not sure.  I'm looking forward to watching the FoodNetwork IronChef challenge that involved the White House Chef and White House garden.  Returning to MakerFaire.  Learning to silk screen.  And reading your blogs for even more inspiration.

Crafters making resolutions for the new year:

Jennifer Mercer made her jewelry craft business resolutions public at HandMadeNews.  I love #3:

Value my creations and my talents and refuse to trivialise what I do, or apologise for imperfections. My creations are unique to me, are a part of me and as such are special and important and deserve to be valued.

Knit 1 for the Road posted her New Year, New Knitting Resolutions:

Last one, but an important one to keep in mind.  Turn to your needlework or crafting whenever you feel tired, lonely, or just plain bummed out (do people even say that anymore?)  It will help relax, rejuvenate and allow your creativity shine through but warn your friends and family they may want to grab a really cool pair of shades to shield them from your glow.

What are your crafty or gardening highlights from 2009?  And what are your goals for 2010? 

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