Crafting With Diabetes, Second Installment

I began accepting my disease as something I would have to live with.  Controlling my diabetes was a very long learning curve. Actually, I'm still learning. It was a big adjustment, and I've found that adapting to six small meals a day has presented its own set of problems.

As for exercising, don't even mention it. When I was a young girl, I played tennis, but that was forever ago. Right now I have a membership at a local gym, but I never seem to make it that far. I try to just do one physical thing a day. 

 I realized that having diabetes did not mean my life was over. Since I couldn't change my diagnoses, I had to change my life to fit my disease. I began to get enthusiastic about life again.

The first order of my new life was to find a source of income. I've always been strong and independent, and I wasn't about to let my diabetes interfere with making my own money. My husband J.R. supported me in my decision to look for work also.

My diabetes kept me tired and groggy all day, so a regular job was ruled out as a possibility.I discovered gift baskets and set about making a business out of my creativity. Using gift basket making as a starting point, I made my way down the crafting road, sampling the things that interested me most. At times, J.R. doubted my ability to become an entrepreneur, and sometimes I agreed with him. My belief in my power was shaken, but I knew I had no other choice.  

Thus, Sharon Enterprise, LLC was born, and now I hop from craft to craft, selling what I can.


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