A Crafty Get-Together for Kids AND Their Moms

Hi ladies!  I would like to share with you a monthly get-together my friends and I do called "Cocktails and Crafts".  We rotate going to one another's homes and the hostess provides a craft for all our kids while the rest of us bring food and drinks!  It's like a little party every month.  It's fairly low-maintenance since you only have to host once and then everyone else gets a turn and your children get creative and fun crafts!  Plus you get time to hang out with your girlfriends!  We've had two C & C events so far and they've been great fun and successes.  It'll only get better as the weather improves!

I hope one or two you of you organize a C & C group with your friends and let me know how it goes!

Becky @ Rub Some Dirt On It


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