I have wanted to start blog for a while now.  Like two or three whole weeks and for my generation, that's a while.  I love blogs.  I hate them too (b/c holy moses can I waste some time on them), but generally, I've found amazing ideas, tons of practical help and advice, lots of humor and people living their lives so openly for the rest of us to read (or at least faking it so openly for the rest of us to read).  I've blogged before, but this time, I want to blog about something that I can't NOT do.  Some call it crafting.  Others DIY, or even occassionally, the high assignment of ART.  Whatever it is--I can't stop.  I get ideas people.  Lots and lots and lots of ideas.  I was raised in middle America by a set of frugal and creative people respectively.  My Dad is so good at so many things- build your own house?  Sure.  You may break an arm here and there, but man, why would you pay someone else to do what you can do yourself?  This is deeply in my DNA.  And my mom.  She is creative to the core.  She would rather make something pretty, comb a flea market or a clearance sale, or pour over beautiful blogs than make dinner or do the laundry or pretty much do anything else  (to her credit, she cooks the dinner and does the laundry, and engages the world in loving and sacrificial ways, and then she goes home and crafts!!!  She's cool like that.)  She is in my crafty DNA in countless ways.  When my mom and I go to a craft sale or an expensive boutique of custom handmade stuff, we echo the same mantra the whole time (sorry, we can't help it)--"We could do that!"  

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