Is Crate Training Cruel?

Earlier in the week, this Facebook post showed up on my timeline from an eco-lifestyle website : “Crate training is cruel. How did you break your dog(s)?”
I reread it. Yup, I did read it correctly. 
My blood started to boil, because my initial thought was that this was posted by someone just trying to create controversy, get people talking and likely didn’t even own a dog. {Working in the media, I fully understand it, but still … }
Knowing that the best way to communicate your point of view is to stay calm, understand the other point of view and present your argument in a fact-based way.  So, I asked them why they thought it was cruel. Several other people went off on rants for and against it until finally the website responded with this:
“Clarification: Crate training as a way of leaving a dog locked in there for multiple hours and as punishment is cruel. We’d like to know about stories where people used alternate ways to crate train. Anyone?”
My thought then, was: Well, you obviously don't know a thing about crate training if that's what you think it is. But, I didn't post it. 
Now, I’m no dog trainer, nor was I particularly good at leaving Toby in his crate for long periods of time because he was such a cute puppy and I really wanted to play with him. But, I knew the benefits of crate training and am 100 percent happy I did it. I also recommend it to anyone who is introducing a new puppy, or dog, into their house.
Crate training provides a safe, den-like spot, for your pet. As a puppy, it keeps them safe from getting into things they shouldn’t be while you are not immediately able to supervise them. It’s a good way to house break them. It makes traveling with them easier, because they are more willing to go in a bag, crate or other enclosure to keep them secure.
What do you think of crate training?

Michelle Maskaly

The Adirondack Chick

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