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I have been a fan of Laurie Perry's blog, Crazy Aunt Purl since someone linked to her here on BlogHer several years ago. Just before Christmas I read on her blog that her second book Home is Where the Wine is was released by her publisher earlier than expected and I immediately ordered it. I spent the last two weeks waiting for and was thrilled when it finally arrived.

I settled down under a blanket and got ready to laugh. I laughed a lot while reading her first book, Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair. I possibly even snorted, which yielded strange looks from the friends I was staying with. (Amusingly I had just sort of started seeing the guy I'm now married too and the title caused him to pause and raise his eyebrows, especially after I said I was studying for my future life.)

The first thing that I noticed when reading Home is Where the Wine is is that it a really good book to read in the midst of New Year's resolutions mania. Laurie's books are one part each humor, knitting, and life improvement (which is why they are often shelved in the self-help section of the bookstore). While her first book was very much about picking up the pieces and getting on with your life after your husband decides to leave you to "find his creativity," this book is what happens after you've done. She's righted herself on her feet but she feels, in her own words, unfinished. When the new year hits she sits down and writes out her resolutions which range from the amusing "knit something that isn't square" to the scary "go on a real, live date" to the brave "take an adventurous trip."

One thing that always strikes me about Laurie's writing, be it on her blog or in her published works, is her ability to find the humor in almost every situation. Imagine that you have blogged your divorce and how you pieced yourself back together publicly on your blog - all your revenge fantasies, all your embarrassing stories. Then you start dating again. And one of the guys you're attempting to date finds your blog. Doesn't that sound like fun? If you are like me you'd be hiding under the table but no, not Laurie. She manages to make it through the date and then has a fantastic, if slightly cautionary tale to tell.

If you've read Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair you might be wondering if Home is Where the Wine is is as funny. This is what Horti Honey has to say about that.

Laurie Perry’s skills as a writer have gotten even stronger since her last book Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair which was laugh out loud funny itself. Actually, it was more like laugh-until-you-nearly-pee-your-pants funny and her newest book is even better. I guess that you would call it laugh-until-you-pull-a-muscle-in-your-side-and-then-pee-your-pants funny. The hubby looked in on me several times while I was reading it trying to discern if I was laughing really hard or crying.

Laurie's humor isn't limited to the book. Kim Weiss gives us a look at the promotional materials that accompanied it.

1) The cover of your book has another pair of sexy legs in high heels. Are those your legs?

No. Have you seen me? We had to go with stunt legs.

2) What was your motivation to write the book?

Money! Fame! Celebrity endorsement deals for my cats.

When I read Laurie's blog and books I feel like I'm reading a story from a close friend, not because I imagine that Laurie and I would be BFF's if we lived in the same city (though I'd totally be up for hanging out with some knitting and wine - just saying) but she tells you things that most of us only tell our really, really good friends. I mean, how many people would you tell that you went to three different places, wearing three different shirts and got three different passport photos taken so that you would not end up with a disaster of a photo? Or that you went to see a therapist who told you not to worry about your life because someday you'll meet a nice boy, settle down and have babies. Well that actually would tell everyone - mostly so they would be amazed by the fact that the story did not end with me kicking the therapist in the shins.

As with her first book, the last section of the book contains knitting recipes (Laurie's term for knitting patterns). Most of the patterns would be easy for a beginning to do, but amusing enough that those of you with more skills would be interested in them as well. Personally I'm attracted to the braided I-cord rug pattern. My grandfather used to make braided rugs out of rags and they seem like home to me. I think our kitchen could use one of these and once I figure out how to make an I-cord I just might have to try it.

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