Am I the Crazy Dog Lady?

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Most of the time when I read blogs, they are doing things to help people, telling inspiration stories, being hilarious, or promoting DIY crafts. For this post, I am going reflect about the fact I may be overly crazy about my dog.

I was never an animal person growing up. Didn’t like em, didn’t want em, could live without them most definitely. That all changed when I got my husband Caddy as a birthday present. I immediately fell in love with Caddy's personality, his cuteness, and how cuddly he was. However, how far is too far?

I have never been one to dress my dog up in clothing. I looked at pictures of those dressed-up dogs and just imagined thought bubbles saying, "Please get me out of this ridiculous getup." Lo and behold: I was bored one night and decided to put a shirt on Caddy and have him model for me.

My dog Caddy



I take him everywhere with me:

Caddy the dog

And I may or may not have gone specifically to Sonic to pick up a hot dog for him because he is "such a good boy." There are not pictures to document this, thank goodness.

Is there a point where one loves a dog too much? I will sometimes think that it is no different than loving one’s child -- as I don’t have children, so I have nothing to equate child-loving to. I had never understood the pet movies, Animal Planet, or people’s obsession with their dogs. But I sure do get it now. Any time I watch or hear of animals who have experienced any mistreatment, I tear up and cry. Like a big, sobbing, ugly, snotty cry.

I spend a lot of time with my dog, and with my husband’s work hours, he keeps me company. He makes me laugh, cheers me up, and generally makes my life a bit better. There was a comedian who once said that you had no reason to be unhappy when you owned a dog, and I tend to agree.

I go back and forth between not caring if people think I love Caddy too much to being worried that I am the “crazy dog lady” who smells funny and doesn’t leave her house because she has a dog at home. I have never canceled plans due to Caddy ... yet. I guess for now, I will continue to keep loving Caddy as I am -- but I am relying on my friends and family to stage an intervention when needed.


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