The Crazy Wild Love Jewelry Collection is Here!

The Crazy Wild Love Jewelry Collection Is Here!

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WOOHOO!!! IT’S HERE! And just in time for Mother’s Day.

I am beyond thrilled to announce the opening of the Crazy Wild Love jewelry collection. As a gift, get $10 off your first piece of jewelry with discount code: Mothers Day.

The Crazy Wild Love jewelry collection was born from my own deep love of jewelry and from sending inspirational jewelry as gifts to my clients, friends and members of the Crazy Wild Love Academy.

Our philosophy encourages every woman to love herself and create a life she adores. It’s all about feeling beautiful, feminine and glamorous inside and out.

When I decided to start my own collection, my mission was to find jewelry that embodies the meaning of self-love.

From statement pieces adorned with an inspirational message to hand-crafted bold jewelry that is sure to make anyone swoon…I hand-selected women artisans who put love and passion into their craft.

Each piece is truly a work of art.

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This exotic collection is hand-made using Indian gold and gemstones.

It’s a mixture of chic, bohemian and high-end fashion all wrapped into one. Perfect as a statement piece for a cocktail dress or dressing down in jeans and a tee.

All items are handmade in Los Angeles, California.


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This chic collection is characterized by extremely clean shapes that create a powerful look.

Gold combined with gemstones and pearls, making them the ultimate statement piece.
All of the items listed are handmade with love and passion from Israel.


inspiration jewelry collection

This inspirational collection features hand-dyed silk wrap bracelets with a sterling silver toggle engraved with messages of love and courage.

Perfect for summer to wear at the beach, head to a yoga class or give one of these exquisite bracelets to a friend. All custom jewelry is hand made from eco-friendly sterline silver, 99.9% pure & 100% reclaimed in the United States.


As a celebration gift and in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to give you $10 off any piece of jewelry you’d like with the Discount Code: Mothers Day. Valid until May 10th 2014.


From my heart to yours,


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