Crazy Working Mom: Diary of a Mother on the Brink of Snapping

Once upon a time I decided my children needed a hands-on reminder to remember to do their chores. So I went on a little mommy strike. I thought it was funny and posted a facebook status about it. I was asked to share my strike more publicly, so I started a blog.

Social media is a powerful tool and that little blog went viral.

Now that the media is slowing, I continue to write about my not-so traditional creative parenting and perceptions. Ironic thing is....I am a professional parenting coach so I may even have some good advice beyond the laughs. If not, I have some great wine recommendations:)

Parenting is the hardest job you will ever do. Laughter keeps it in perspective. Laugh with me...or at me. I'm ok with either.

I just write what you are probably thinking with your inside voice anway.

Jessica Stilwell



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