Cream Cheese Banana Bread

I usually buy three pounds of bananas a week.  While we love bananas and eat most of them, I still often have a few at the end of the week that are little overripe for my taste.  So, I am always looking for delicious recipes that call for ripened bananas.  I hesitate to post yet another banana recipe but the ones I have posted have by far been the most popular on my blog.  My recipe for banana muffins is hands down the most popular recipe on my blog.  I think part of the reason it is so popular is that it doesn't contain eggs or dairy.  Plus, I must say they are just really good muffins!  One slight flaw with the muffin recipe is that it doesn't easily convert into a recipe for banana bread.  If you try to make bread with that recipe, it will have a gooey crater in the middle.

So, I found a recipe for cream cheese banana bread.  I originally saw the recipe at my sister's house.  She had gotten it from one of her in-laws.  I still didn't know where it originated.  After little research . . .

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