Create an Art Gallery for Your Mini Artist

There's a saying (and this is not a direct quote - I wish I could remember it word for word...) but if a child gives you a gift, even if it's a rock, you should show appreciation and how grateful you are to them for that rock. It may just be a rock, but they chose you to give it to. (love this analogy..) After reading this quote, I decided I want to show my girls as often as possible that they are loved, valued, respected, and that we are always so proud of them.

I'm a huge believer in letting kids express themselves. As parents, I believe it is our job to help them learn things, teach them about life, and help them become their own person - not tell them who to be. I also think it is important for kids to try as many different activities when they can, otherwise how are they going to discover something they are truly passionate about? (Which also helps them discover who they are and who they want to be).

I try to do at least one craft project per week with my girls. Their favorite project to do thus far... PAINTING! My girl's love to paint! They love most crafts but anything involving painting instantly becomes one of their faves! With that said... what do you do with their artwork when they are done?? Display it of course! What else??

I decided that since our girls are so young and in the stage of where they can't seem to0802130702 keep their hands off anything, that I didn't want to put it on the refrigerator. So I bought some chord, hung a line for each of them up in our kitchen (with clear packing tape), and bought clips to display each piece. I then bought the girl's a pack of four 4x4 canvases to decorate so we could hang them next to their 'line' to distinguish who's chord held who's artwork. This way the art is out of their reach and still displayed for all to see! When they create new pieces and there isn't anymore room, we let them choose which piece to replace. The piece of art that we take down then goes in a crate (or bin),  that we will give to them when they decide to move out on their own when they are older. (My parents did this for me and it meant a lot that they cared enough to do it. It's always fun looking back..)

I also wanted to spruce up their toy room walls a bit, but being that we are currently renting - painting isn't an option. My husband drew a variety of Disney characters, and I placed them into painted frames and proudly hung them in there. However, looking around - there wasn't any contribution from the girl's or myself. So Jim came up with the idea to get some bigger canvases, decorate them, and hang them in there for everyone to enjoy. (Another great way to display some art pieces!) To some, they may not be the prettiest pieces (although we think they are perfect), but just like the 'rock' that the child was proud to give, I'm proud to display the creativity they chose to share with us. 0726131001

So let out your inner artist, and help your little ones discover their passions and creativity! Spend some time together, and remember that these are the moments that your child will always remember... be apart of them.

Until next time...

PS. How do you display your mini artist's work?


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