Create a Bucket List for this Summer

Create a summer bucket list and figure out what you desire to do in these bright and sunny months. Try out new activities, travel to new places or learn a new sport; do something worthwhile. We bring to you some ideas of our own to help you get started.

Summer brings a whole new world with it – a world of fun and opportunities. It’s that time of the year when you can take up your umpteen projects and see them to fulfillment. Whether it’s going to the beach, spending time with best friends, doing origami crafts, or just laying around reading a book; summer is the season of getting all these things done and having fun while you are at it.

Summer months are also perfect for trying out something new – something that you have never tried before. With some effective planning, you can make these months count before they give way to the fall. Start by creating a bucket list book for ideas and end with making a lifetime of memories.

Here is a list of some wonderful and creative ideas that you can use to make your summer of 2014 a summer to remember.

  • Take a cross country road trip : Everyone should take a cross country road trip. Summer is the most excellent time to plan a vacation and visit somewhere that has never been visited before. If you are still a student or have some time off work, plan a trip and pack your bags. Ask your friends or cousins to accompany you. And remember to click photos in every city or state you visit. It’s nice to have mementos of a trip that lasts a lifetime.
  • Volunteer for charity : If you want to do something meaningful this summer, take up volunteering at a nearby charity center. It is a beautiful way of creating an impact in the society and bringing smiles to many faces. Get registered at a children’s home or an old age home and spend your free summer days with those who desperately need some loving human contact. You can also choose to spend some time at a pet shelter and take care of strays that are waiting for a loving home.
  • Learn something new : This summer, take out time to learn a sport. It can be anything – surfing, playing baseball, skateboarding, swimming, learning tennis, and so on. Sign up for some training sessions with an instructor and spend your days soaking up the sun and learning a new activity. Also, it will be a great way to work out and get your body muscles in perfect shape.  
  • Have a movie marathon : You can either have a movie marathon alone or with friends, the choice is yours. Pick up DVDs of your all time favorites and start watching them back to back. You can either stick to one genre or mix different movie eras. Also, if you have missed out on some recent releases, now would be a great time to catch up on some of the best releases of this year.
  • Read a book : There is perhaps no better way to spend hot summer days than to pick up a book and start reading. You can set a target on the number of books you would like to finish in a month, or you could re-read the ones that you haven’t touched in a very long time.

There are of course endless number of things that can be done this summer, but we suggest you do something that you are passionate about. Create your bucket list now and have a great summer!


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