Create Your Group of Prospects For Free

What can a LinkedIn Group do for you?  Simple answer, a LinkedIn Group can further identify you as the expert at what you do! Branding yourself as the expert is critical for any inbound marketing efforts.   I don’t mean simply joining a group or participating in any random group.  What I am referring to is creating your own group where you run the show!  How many groups have you seen with hundreds of thousands of members? Click here to see and JOIN mine.

Not only can a LinkedIn Group further demonstrate your expertise, but also creates a list of targeted prospects for you which may even be the more important part.  Each group member will have some sort of interest in what you do or else they wouldn’t have joined.  Effortlessly, if set up properly, you can have an automatic email sent to new group members which will further instruct them to take a next step such as visit your website, Facebook, Google +, something else or all of the above!  As the group administrator you will be able to send out mass email communications to group members where you can further provide expert information AND offer your product or service to people who are actually interested in it!

Through creating your group on LinkedIn you will have taken advantage of a FREE advertising tool.  Why pay for some mass market ad that is expensive and reaches too many who couldn’t possibly care less about what you do when you can target interested prospects for FREE?


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