Create your own special place, to be free!

Everyone needs a safe place, a place to go physically and mentally to be, for even a few minutes, away from any stress or disturbances that you need to release. Instead of staying with your mind racing or just a sour feeling falling down over you, go to your safe place where you can let it all go. A place that is free from negativity, stress, ego, others, a place for just you to reach deep with in your being to feel your true self, your pure potential. A place where endless possibilities live free within your reach, just for you!

Your special place can be within your home, it can be outside at a park, or a quite spot at a library or museum, any place that you can feel, really feel free. Freedom is the key to finding that special place. You need to feel free, feel that all is possible, that nothing is too much to handle, that no matter what you are in control. Knowing that you are in control of your life, that regardless of what shows up, you - yes you- have are in control. Simply put not matter what comes into your life you have choices. Many times you will hear someone say I had no choice, I had to do that. That is not completely correct. You always have choices the problem is we just don't like the choices so we choose to not make a choice. By using passive-aggressive behavior, doing nothing, we loose the present moment, the only moment that we have. By not embracing the present moment, resisting, doing nothing cause "we have no choice" we remain powerless to live our best life. By not accepting the impermanence of life, of the present moment, we are just a voyeur in our life, not an active participant. That is why is is so important to have that special, safe place, a retreat where you go to embrace life, to live free, to be the best that you can.  A place free of drama which is a most prevalent negativity that hampers acceptance of the present moment. 

Make it a point to find that place, a present moment place, where you know that you can go to embrace, accept life. You choose how plain or fancy your place is, that is not important. What is important is that it is where you feel safe, free, connected to your true being. A special place just for you. Give it a try and see how wonderfully easy it is to retreat to your place away from the normal daily distractions. Using your space as often as you can will set in motion a sift in how you see and handle the present moment. Happiness, joy, love all live in your special place allowing you to feel safe and free. Feeling free is infinitely important to embracing life and the present moment without resistance. Think of resistance as handcuffs or bonds that chain and prevent you from your goals and desires. You spend all you time and effort in breaking free of the bonds, not using that all energy for living, reaching your goal, being the best that you can. 

Use you special place as often as you can. Eventually you will be able to go to your special place, mentally even if you are not physically able to be in your special place. You special place will be in your mind, a place where you can always go to feel and access being free! 


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