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Like photography, fashion has its rules. And like photography, once you learn the rules, go ahead and break them... (but please be guided by the three F's of fashion: flatter, fit & finance)

"What is something I like that no one else wears?"

Do not follow the trend! Get real... create your own, something that you can proudly put your name on. Why not make yourself your own fashion designer? That'll be so cool! (But don't forget to choose clothes that fit your body type...that's the flatter & fit part of the three F's of fashion.)

Experiment...experiment...experiment!!! Don't be afraid to make mistakes... most stylish people are not born with style... they also went through an agonizing phase of discovering and exploring different styles to find out what's best for them... we're all human!!!

Another important consideration is your lifestyle... what kind of person are you? Are you fun and creative? Are you conservative? Traditional? Funky? Are you classy and sophisticated? Your lifestyle will dictate what fashion style you need to create.

You can copy other people's style but it's not a guarantee that what looks good on them will look good on you too. Real is still the keyword!!! And don't fret if someone copies your means you've earned that respect. Anyway, you can easily recreate another style (really effortless if you've been there and done that!)

Be you!!! If you like something, wear it. But do look in the mirror and ask yourself... do I look good in this? If the answer is No...ditch it and don't make excuses that it is on sale or whatever. Phluzzz... be true to yourself!!!

Take stock of your financial capabilities (the 3rd F), don't create a style that will burn a hole in your pocket or rather, your husband's pocket (let's preserve the harmony in the a little bit of concern, even if you have to fake it! hehehe!)

I read fashion magazines not to copy the styles but to draw inspirations from them. I adapt the styles that will fit my work and lifestyle. And I'm so very realistic when it comes to my body type. I have in my closet a variety of univerally flattering tops to hide my non-existent waistline. I have perfected the art of camouflage. Hehehe! I have embraced the world of skinny jeans, mini skirts, ballet flats and crocs, despite the fashion police' declaration of war on crocs.

I'm currently in love with white tops. But I make sure that my whites are not your run-of-the-mill kind... it should have a unique element to make it stand out. Why blend with the rest of the crowd? The reason why my BFF Cecille Razon and I were absolutely ecstatic when we discovered Religioso . Choc Religioso's designs are clean and chic with a quirky edge.

Whatever style you create, make sure you have at least one outfit you know you'll feel good in... on "fat" days. My personal mantra: Phat, not fat!!!

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