Creating Christmas Memories on a Shoestring

When your budget’s already squeezed to the limit just how do make Christmas special for the little ones? It just may be easier than you think. Truth is you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to give your kids Christmas memories they’ll never forget.

Give each child a date book/planner. You can pick these up at your local dollar store. Then personalize it for each child. Choose a day each month and an activity that will allow you and your children to spend time together.

Things like movie night. Give each child one movie night a month. (Netflix is cheap and has a great selection of kid friendly movies.) Let that child chose a movie and the snack for that night. It can be anything they want (with in reason). Then curl up together and enjoy.

Another thing you can do is dinner night, Let your child pick one night a month to choose what’s for dinner. Again it can be anything (with in reason). Then get together and cook it.

Just be creative. You know the types of things your children like to do. Just make sure you make one special day a month that you can get together and do it. This will make your children feel like Christmas lasted all year long.

Another inexpensive idea is to visit thrift stores like Goodwill Too and yard sales. Pick up clothes that can be used for dress up. This works for both boys and girls. Things like: cowboy hats, boots, overalls, dungarees, sparkly dresses, gloves, high heels, and costume jewelry.

Then hit your local dollar store again and pick up additional accessories and toys to complete each outfit. Now’s where the fun starts. Wrap each outfit or even each piece of clothing separately and hide them around the house.

Give each child a clue to find the first package. When they find the first gift there’s a clue to the next one and so on until they’ve located all their gifts. This makes for the best and funniest Christmas home movies.

And the fun doesn’t stop on Christmas. Watching your kids put together their outfits is a lot of fun for you too.


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