Creating a Comfy Guest Room for an Extended Visit

My Version of a Guest Room/Apartment

My dear mother-in-law is coming to visit us for more then just a weekend. Yippee! We are all super excited. You see... we loooove grandma - in fact, everyone loves grandma/Karen. What's not to love? She's kind, nice, just plain likable. I do recognize how fortunate I am to have such a lovely woman as a mother-in-law. Especially after hearing some really sad stories of bad relationships. Yikes!

So we want to make her stay with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Oh my word, who am I kidding - she's coming to my home of craziness! She's gonna' be exhausted when she leaves. However, I've tried hard to create our downstairs family room to function as a bit of a guest room/apartment. 

So instead of making her sleep up in my daughter's loft bed or the boys room...She now has her own space to sleep, relax, watch a little TV, etc. all by herself. Cuz' she's gonna' need a little downtime - no doubt. We can be a bit overwhelming at times. ;)

Here's the little nook for 

sleeping & relaxing 







Here's my other David Best bench I got as a freebie with the one I bought from craigslist. I painted it and am using it as a coffee table. 






I've tried to add as many cozy little touches to make is as comfy as possible. I certainly hope that she enjoys her own little space during her visit with us. We are so grateful that she has chosen to take this extended trip up here to spend with us. It's certainly means so much to us. I'll circle back and report on our first guests thoughts on the space. 

Take care now,