Creating Kids' Clothing Is About More Than Sewing

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[Editor's Note: My grandma made most of my clothes growing up. When I was young, I didn't appreciate it for what it was. But now I understand what she was doing, especially since I read this beautiful post by Katy at No Big Dill. Now I want to start sewing -- and creating -- clothes and memories for my kids. -Jenna]

Ironing Out My Thoughts:

Cute ClothesBut, the need to create, that's just part of why I sew, I decided last night as the steam was doing it's magic on all these natural fibers. I think it would be so fulfilling to have my own line of children's clothes. I've toyed with the idea, but simultaneously wondered if that would squelch the fun. Still debating on that, but I do know that creating these pieces my daughters wear is about more than just about clothing them in something I think looks beautiful.

As I was ironing, I recalled working on each project, from picking out the fabric to sewing on the buttons. Then I conjured up the photo shoots for each one, some filled with frustration at uncooperative offspring, but mostly the awe-someness of capturing personalities at a specific age.

Read on for beautiful pictures and more thoughts on creating for our children.

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