Creating a Winter Garden


    Most people associate winter with the death of vibrant plant life, however there are many beautiful plants that thrive in the colder seasons. By planting in the late summer and fall you are creating a beautiful ecosystem for other species of plants as well as animals to seek shelter in as well as an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for yourself to avoid those gloomy winter feelings. Also, if planting outside is too much work to do just before the beginning of school, try potting some of your favorite flowers and plants indoors and placing them throughout the house to provide a haven for your greens as well as liven up your home. You can also plant a variety of vegetables during the winter such as broccoli, leeks, and cauliflower that are easy to maintain and are perfect for winter soups. Below, I’ve created a list of my favorite winter plants and I hope some of them inspire you to create your own winter gardens!

Indoors                                                                                   Outdoors

Bromeliads                                                                              Camellias

Christmas Cactus                                                                    Snowdrops

Sansevieria                                                                              Hellebores

Kalanchoe Plant                                                                      Winter Jasmine

Amaryllis                                                                                 Nepalese Paper Plant


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