Creative Energy.

The Sun enters Virgo today, the final astrological sign of summer. Despite the long, hot days, at least here in the northern hemisphere, our attention is turning to the beginning of the school year, even if you don't have school-aged children or haven't been a student yourself for years. There's just something about productive, practical Virgo that propels us into motion. Don't forget to catch that wave of exciting, creative energy that's surging through us today. It's quite a carpet ride! The Moon is in Taurus all day today. There are several aspects in effect today: Sun trine Pluto: New resources that may have been there all along are recognized for what they are. Rededicate yourself to your goals and ambitions. Mercury conjunct Venus: This is an excellent time for relationships, both romantic and business. Social interaction is smooth. We are courteous and well-mannered. Mercury opposite Uranus: Concentration and communication will be challenging under this impatient and contradictory energy. Play the devil’s advocate if you want. Venus opposite Uranus: If you’re feeling restless, bored and irritable right now, you’re not alone. Try to avoid doing anything irrevocable, hurtful or upsetting. Regards, KT

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