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A small holiday confession: I hate wrapping gifts. The process of picking colors that aren't 'too girly' or 'too babyish', the excessive cutting, and running out of
invisible tape goes to waste as soon as my children come down to the Christmas tree and rip the wrapping paper to shreds. It's a lot of work to throw all that wrapping paper away! So this year, I decided to do something different for Christmas presents.

My daughter turned 16 on December 7, and it was hard to pick wrapping paper for her. She's at that age where pink is for little 5-year old girls (even though she is obsessed with One Direction, but I digress!) She loves quirky things, from loafers to toast-printed blouses, so I knew she would go crazy over this kooky wrapping paper I bought from the craft store.

fun wrapping paper

I felt as though it was missing something, so I added a few glitter balls and felt hearts. She's eyeing her presents as we speak!

I think that in the span of blogging, I have made well over 60 pillows, some creative and others, know how that goes! Some of the pillows I've made had satin roses with burned edges on them and the idea transpired to Christmas gifts!

sophisticated wrapping paper

I used gray wrapping paper as a background for a cluster of black flowers made of tissue paper, and placed a lace doily underneath them. A green striped ribbon ties it all together (pun perhaps intended.)


When I get frustrated with wrapping presents, I usually cut and tape things together and pray it looks good. This time was no different! I used wood-printed paper, regular brown paper, and a chevron goodie bag from my daughter's Sweet Sixteen.
DIY wrapping paper

My son's persistent questions and my daughter's peering eyes indicate that I did great with this year's presents! Maybe they'll think twice about tearing the gift wrappers into pieces this time around!

chevron wrapping paper

brown wrapping paper

Hopefully you can file these tips away for next year's holiday wrapping, and for birthdays and other holidays throughout 2013.

As always, have a wonderful holiday and a merry new year!

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