Creative small room ideas for your preschooler

Every parent wants the best for their child and creating a safe and fun oasis in which they will enjoy spending their time is no exception. But what if the room is small? No worries, we’re bringing you a few tips on what to have in mind when decorating a small room for a preschooler.

As it is usually about a smaller sized room, we recommend that you take care to avoid dark colors and to have at least one wall in white. Basic colors for boys and girls rooms can remain in 'baby' colors (usually soft shades of pink and blue), but you can choose any other softer color, ideally by the child's choice.

No matter whether you have a preschooler, they still have the urge to play - do not remove their toys from the room, but organize them in transparent boxes or baskets. For smaller children's rooms, for both girls and boys, light, bright furnishings are recommended. Use the bookshelves that can be installed on the wall so that you save space under the shelf and make sure that they’re attached to the wall safely (if necessary double the screws).

Mandatory furniture such as the chair and desk are to be made of lightweight natural material (light wood, aluminum, plastic). If you opt for cabinets, use lower cabinets so that the child could use it alone, ideally positioned below wall shelves (you’re saving space this way). In order to save more space a good idea would be to use wider window boards instead of a working desk, and as additional storage space you can flat radiators and 'mask' them with colorful boxes that can be hung (we advise for the boxes to be removed in the heating season).

For flooring we encourage buying a good quality thick one-colored carpet or one with some imaginative geometric motifs (we advise that at this age of the child you to avoid carpets with realistic depictions of the child’s heroes such as Peter Pan, Spiderman or Barbie). As this is a smaller room size, we recommend that geometric motifs are also small in size, because larger motifs will visually reduce the space.

If the child insists on having children’s motives in their room, then it is preferable to decide on curtains where they are less visible. The same goes for linens, but here we advise you to cover the bed with a monochrome quilt in the color of the wall or as close as possible to the wall color.


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