Creative Summer Way To Get Kids To Behave

Summer is in full swing in our household.  Both of the kidlets are in day camp and having a grand old-time of “no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!”  It also seems like the end-of-school dismissal bell has rung in our own home with the kidlets rebelling against mom and dad concerning all things routine, rules and discipline.   It also doesn’t take much time or effort these days for brother and sister to turn against each other as well.  Sometimes it’s a miracle for them to be in the same room for five minutes without any arguing, screaming or crying!

Since the kidlets are only six and three The Hubs and I tried to cut them a little slack, but after a week of this anarchist behavior we had just about enough!  We weren’t quite sure how to rein the kidlets back in without the structure of the school year when it hit me.  Now, just like they have at school posted in their classrooms throughout the year, we instituted a list of “House Rules” for the summer that the kidlets have to follow.


It’s the focal point of the fridge, surrounded by artwork, play magnets and a summer reading list

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