Creative uses for Spooky Halloween Birds

Spooky bird decorations for Halloween? Love them. Can't get enough of them. I have more than a few sitting around and it hit me that they should be doing something. 

Just look at this guy standing there. He needs a job. 

I think he and his buddies are dying for some action. Here's how I fixed this problem.


Use an Exacto knife to carefully cut a slit into their beaks. Follow the line in the plastic to "open" their mouths by separating the top from the bottom. Warning! It's very easy to slip and cut yourself - be careful!!! I chose not to post process pictures because every one looks like I was, well, cutting into a bird. Even though it's fake it just doesn't look good. 


Once you have a slit in their beak the limits are endless. Here, three of the birds are holding up a sign in my dining room.





Or you could make them do this,

or this,

or even this.

And simply because I couldn't resist, this.

It's just too fun.

Have a heart, have some fun, and give those birds a job. 




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