Creepy Kid

Before we knew we'd be welcoming a second child into our family, Arianna was telling my parents that we were having a baby.

The summer I was pregnant with 'lil Man, she woke from sleep and whispered, "The baby's a boy. I'm having a brother," then fell back to sleep. She was right as was confirmed by the ultrasound a week later.

She's been known to talk to people who have passed, including my grandfather. While visiting a great aunt, she was shown a picture of my Pappy McP and his siblings. Not only did she point right to my grandfather, but she said, "That's my pappy, he's in Heaven".

Last week, she announced that her skin was actually black, just like Baby Princess Tiana. I asked her how, and she replied, "Well, before you had me, my black great-grandfather up in Heaven gave me soy milk. It turned me white and that's why I am allergic to real milk and have to drink soy milk now. Then you had me and I was white."

On Friday, the pre-school teacher pulled Greg aside and asked if we were having another baby. Apparently, Arianna has been blasting this "news" all over her classroom (and our house--she told me she couldn't wait to rock-a-bye her baby sister to sleep). Kiddo, this is news to us too, because as far as we know, you're wrong. When Greg asked her what made her say that, she replied, "Daddy, 'lil Man is getting bigger now, so it's time for another baby". Logical, yes. 'lil Man is pretty much the size she was when we welcomed him to the world.

Maybe we should be scared. Our creepy kid is so much fun.

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