Creme de la Creme and the Golden Haiku

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Don't fret if you're not part of the adoption/loss/infertility community because this year, our annual list has been expanded to include everyone in the blogosphere.

The Creme de la Creme is a blogging project that is currently in its fourth year. Starting in November, bloggers in the ALI community (adoption/loss/infertility) submit a single post--their favourite post--from their blog to the list. I compile the list, write the blurbs, and the final list is posted on January 1st. Part of the fun is seeing what other bloggers chose as their personal favourite, but the final list also serves as a small microcosm to the larger community.

Outsiders can read their way down the list and get a three-dimensional understanding of infertility, adoption, and loss. Insiders can consider other paths to parenthood different from their own and see the larger scope of our community. It is too easy to get wrapped up in your own small niche and not consider where you fit in the larger picture.

Several hundred participants are expected for the list, with a steady increase over the years from 75 or so in the first year to 222 in 2008. While I'd love to see all 2000+ blogs on the blogroll represented, I'd settle for breaking 300 blogs this year. It's one of our favourite community projects, bringing together old bloggers and new, from every stage of family building, and from every diagnosis.

One Who Understands
is joining in though it's her first year blogging. The Adventures of Tader Baby is joining along too. I'm a Smart One is back for a second year. Which Box states: "I'll go through my archives and see if anything jumps out at me. Or maybe I'll try extra hard to write something meaningful this month of blog posting."

This year, I decided to open a second, similar list for the entire blogosphere, which is sort of a far-reaching project to essentially catalog the year 2009 for every blog in existence and provide a snapshot of the last 12 months. But how cool and useful will this be once completed? The Golden Haiku is open to any blog that has at least one post from 2009 and the project is open from now until March 1st.

The Golden Haiku, a blogosphere-wide project collecting a single, great post from each participating blog. This project is open to every single blogger in the world–from those who just started writing to those who have four years under their blogging belt. For every type of subject matter, for every type of person, from gay men living in Kansas to elderly women living in New York City to mothers in London and political activists in the Middle East. Literally everyone. Broken down into small, bite-sized categories for easy navigation.

It will be constructed differently from the original Creme de la Creme list due to its size, with a main lobby-like map sending readers of the list to different corners of the blogosphere.

Can't picture this?

When the list comes out on January 15th, the image below will be linked to individual rooms which will contain blog posts in separate subcategories that fit under the umbrella topic:

People will be able to jump not only to their own section of the blogosphere and find new blogs on topics of interest, but they'll be able to peruse the rest of the blogosphere. They'll be able to get a glimpse into worlds outside their personal experience or connect with bloggers in similar yet separate communities. The list will be invaluable to those starting a blog who want to find others writing on the same topic to read.

Pretty damn cool, no?

It's the blogosphere distilled down to a really flavourful essence. It's like those American Best Short Story anthologies without the exclusivity because everyone who wishes to participate will be included. It is a fun way to read your way through the beginning of the year, but it will hopefully also be enlightening and moving and funny and a unique time capsule to 2009.

So go peruse your archives and submit a post from 2009 to the list. And look for the posts to start going up on January 15th.

Melissa is the author of the infertility and pregnancy loss blog, Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters. She keeps a categorized blogroll of over 2000 infertility blogs and writes the daily Lost and Found and Connections Abound, a news source for the infertility blogosphere. Her infertility book, Navigating the Land of If, is currently on bookshelves (May, 2009). She is the keeper of the IComLeavWe list and compiles the yearly Creme de la Creme.


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