Calling all NYC mommies... chocolate & wine next Tuesday, 3/9

Two days ago, I wrote this post about fitting into my old jeans again (woohoo!) and today, my friends, I want to talk about chocolate. Yummy, dark, delicious chocolate. Yes, I realize the juxtaposition, but I feel strongly about the idea of "everything in moderation." Life is way too short to not treat yourself to little indulgences every once in a while... ...more

Free at last: How a Japanese weaning trick gave me my boobs back

Thank you so much for your post. After reading you blog I tried to use your method in order to ...more

splish splash

If you live within the five boroughs, chances are your available space is at a premium. And as I've written about in a previous post, you adjust pretty quickly because the payoff is living in New York City. Husband and I still find that worthwhile, and hope Baby S will one day love the city as much as we do....more

My pregnancy - 10 things I needed to survive!

Looking back, there are some things I would NEVER have got through pregnancy without. Here are my recommendations for what were really essential during my pregnancy....more

Getting Serious for a Minute

What would you do if you saw this in your baby's diaper? ...more

Glad your son is okay.  The other stories are heart wrenching.  Thanks for the ...more

The Wonder of Childhood Memories and Car Rides

Click here for my blog post.I reminice about childhood memories, including car rides, and wonder how memory works and what my kids are storing away...sweet post for the thoughtful reader...more

My life is funnier when I'm depressed

So I'm new, obviously...I have my personal blog and I'm waiting for it to be listed with BlogHer, but in the meantime, here I am. My blog,, started as a way for me to reach out to other women with depression, but has evolved into a sort of journal of my personal story about living with the disorder....more

Panhandlers Anonymous

I got this email from my 5 month old today (dictated to his dad since he can't type):"Please feel free to make any contributions to my future education. This early stage of my life is critical for saving for my future. Presents are a ton of fun but since I am easily amused by a box I think money would better be spent on my future. That goes for you too dad. Stop buying me clothes that wont fit in a month, help me save for my future. I love you guys. Love Alex! Make a contribution now"...more

The idea of Alex in rags next to an old shoebox really cracks me up. Now I want to take that ...more

Same old Same old

And another weekend bites the dust. I bought new jeans. I know you've all been standing by with baited breath about that. I would have replaced them earlier but I wasn't sure what the official mourning period was and I didn't want to be seen as being thoughtless or not caring about them. ...more

Nap Tease

My oldest daughter gave up her naps entirely a few months ago during the third trimester of my third pregnancy.  I was none too happy about it.  She was not even three and a half, and I felt she still needed a nap, and I definitely still needed one.  Sleep is a big issue with me.  I do not do sleep deprived well, as is evidenced here and here in my blog....more